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Responsible design needs to be holistic, integrating concerns ranging from sustainability, conservation, heritage and inclusive environments to fire and other health and safety matters.


At Robson Warren Architects, instead of specialising in a particular stage of the construction process, we  maintain our involvement in projects from inception through to completion.


We are directly appointed by our Clients to coordinate all aspects of the design through planning, competitive tendering, contract administration and handover. This continuity is especially important in work involving existing buildings; it enables us to demonstrate value and obtain the best response to Client needs.

Our Approach

3D Studies & BIMx

At Robson Warren Architects each project is first built in 3D. Prior to the creation of BIM,  3D views or renderings were only created as a presentation tool. Working in a single integrated virtual environment allows us to extract all the valuable information from massing studies to detailed floor plans and elevation drawings, and build comprehensive 3D models that can be manipulated and updated all through the design and construction processes.

Hand sketches

At Robson Warren Architects we believe that, the ability to sketch is important. Sketching in architecture is often used to express an idea and clarify the intent of the design. In the initial designing stages when the concept is being conceived sketching plays a crucial role. Hand sketches are also efficient for problem solving construction details.

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